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We Ensure You Retain Custody of Your Children

All parents want the best for their children. Divorces can throw a wrench in their plans and place considerable strain on both parents and the children. At Heidi Milam Attorney at Law PLLC, we care about your children too. As family law specialists, we emphasize achieving our clients’ goals and taking care of their children. From divorce to paternity proceedings and adoption, we do it all. But child custody is where our efforts are most often deployed. We want to help you secure custody over your children, negotiate fair visitation rights with the custodial parent, and draft support arrangements that ensure your children are well taken care of. We also handle proposed child relocations, custody agreement modifications, and more.

Happy young father and sons having breakfast

Negotiated Child Custody Settlements for Happy Families

Heidi S. Milam reviews her clients’ situations and discusses their options based on their circumstances. No two custody situations are the same. In many cases, a custody arrangement occurs through a negotiated solution through both parties. These situations are always preferred over a protracted and contentious court battle. Custody involves more than who the child lives with. It also includes an agreement regarding the child’s education, religion, and upbringing. Usually, one parent gains primary custody while the other gets regular visitation rights. We believe a negotiated settlement is best for the parents and the children and results in the fairest outcome for all parties. Unfortunately, they aren’t always possible.

We Help Secure Child Custody During Contentious Battles

In cases where neither party can agree on a negotiated arrangement, child custody heads to the courts. In this case, a judge will decide where the child lives based on what they see as the “best interests of the child.” And while this might seem out of your hands, it is not. Heidi Milam Attorney at Law PLLC will represent your interests in court to try to win custody over your child through litigation. While it isn’t the preferred method, we can handle the challenge when it is required.

We Fight for Child Custody. Call for a Free Consultation

Finally, we secure child support payments for custodial parents. These payments depend on a variety of factors, including the income of the noncustodial parent and statutory guidelines presented by the State of Mississippi. In addition to the initial agreement, our legal specialists can go to court to win a modification of the original order if the noncustodial parent has increased their income. We offer free consultations. Don’t allow your rights to slip away.

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