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Get a Fresh Start Today With Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

While your debt situation might seem impossible, help exists. Chapter 7 bankruptcy helps provide a fresh start to build healthier credit and climb out of financial holes. The law firm of Heidi Milam Attorney at Law PLLC has years of experience guiding clients through the complicated bankruptcy process without significant property or asset losses. Our clients can use Chapter 7 to reduce and even wipe out their debts. If you are facing insurmountable debt, contact us today. We can evaluate whether you qualify under the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005.


The Benefits of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

There are several benefits of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. For instance, it is a beneficial debt removal technique. It helps those who utilize it to set themselves up for success in the future. But there are additional advantages of this form of bankruptcy:

It Addresses Unsecured Debt

Most individuals facing significant debt own a considerable sum of unsecured debt. It includes credit card debt, medical bills, and personal loans.

You Can Keep Your Property

Mississippi law includes provisions that allow many bankruptcy-seekers to retain much of their property, including homes and cars.

No More Harassment

Your creditors probably call you morning, day, and night, regardless of whether you have the money to pay them. Filing for bankruptcy stops those calls.

We Handle All Communication

Most people are in debt to many creditors, so our willingness to be the point-of-contact is a relief to our clients.

It Takes Months

Unlike Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a multi-year process, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is over in a few short months.

What We Can Do for You

What does Heidi Milam Attorney at Law PLLC provide? An all-inclusive legal representative that handles everything from the paperwork to your name in court disputes. We prepare the initial paperwork, including schedules and your financial statements. Our attorney files your petition and handles dealings with creditors and trustees. We also attend important creditor meetings and court proceedings. If we find a creditor violated the terms of the bankruptcy, we can advocate on your behalf. All you have to do is attend one brief hearing with the bankruptcy trustee and complete credit counseling and debtor education.

We Offer Free Consultations to All New Clients

We offer free consultations to all potential clients. During this meeting, we will review your situation and perform a means test, which determines whether you can file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you don’t qualify, don’t worry—many clients who didn’t qualify for Chapter 7 filed for Chapter 13 instead.

Schedule a Consultation With Our Attorney Today